Bringing people and properties

BlueScope Properties Group prides itself on establishing and maintaining meaningful customer relationships. We look at each development project as an opportunity to collaborate and deepen long-term relationship and collaboration.


BlueScope Properties Group provides commercial real estate development throughout North America, and with our connection to BlueScope Buildings’ Builder Network of over 2,000 contractors, we can build teams with critical local knowledge and expertise. The builders we partner with understand local building codes and provide the right products and services for your facility’s needs.

We are valued for our full-service approach.
We are building on a long-standing and proven history.
Our access to capital is different from traditional developers.
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BlueScope Properties Group Development Projects

This build-to-suit freight terminal facility was developed for ABF Freight in Olathe, Kansas..

The Great Plains Commerce Center - Building C is located in the city of Olathe, Kansas, southwest of Kansas City.