An Unparalleled Broker Partner

At BlueScope Properties Group, our expertise, industry leadership and commitment to quality make us a trusted commercial real estate developer. We are positioned to be a partner who can add value through site identification, land acquisition, facility design, construction, and leasing or sale of the property. We offer you two key points of differentiation from other developers you may be considering:

  1. BlueScope Properties Group is a self-funded developer. We have direct access to capital for property development projects. No outside investors or special credit facilities are needed.
  2. BlueScope Properties Group can provide development properties throughout North America, and with our connection to BlueScope Buildings’ Builder Network of over 2,000 contractors, we can build teams with critical local knowledge and expertise. These builders understand local building codes and can provide the right products and services for your building needs.

Our Promises to Our Brokers


BlueScope Buildings has 100 years of experience in designing, detailing, and fabricating engineered building solutions, ensuring a trusted end-product. When you choose us, you reduce risk and increase assurance of a successful completion.


We provide several options to meet your needs, including concrete tilt wall, pre-cast concrete, and engineered building solutions. We are dedicated to giving you a high-quality facility, which leads to lower total building operating costs.


Whether you are a current or new customer looking for a development solution, we are motivated by developing and maintaining long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. We move forward, together, with your best interests at heart.

Backed by BlueScope Steel

BlueScope Steel.

BlueScope Properties Group is a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Limited (ASX:BSL), a publicly-traded company headquartered in Australia. We have a strong balance sheet, and no special credit facilities or outside investors are needed. Leveraging this unique capability can help get your project off the ground faster.

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