Site Identification & Acquisition

BlueScope Properties Group is skilled at pinpointing the real estate that is ideal for development. We analyze locations for their utilities, transportation, and labor infrastructure to ensure the success of your property development project.

With the right expertise, support and execution team in place, you receive our full service approach that manages the entire life-cycle of a project.

Aerial view of Mid-Florida Logistics Park.


Land use regulations and restrictions play an important role in property development. They dictate what the property is zoned for, what its use might be, and characteristics of site improvements. Our team of experts will analyze costs, regulations, and municipal procedures. As part of assessment planning and the evaluation of site constraints, we present you with design options and opportunities to achieve a long and prosperous occupancy.


When it comes to land acquisition, there are many pieces that must fall into place for a deal to come together. Our team is persistent and attentive to details throughout the entire process. We are constantly sourcing and networking to find the best opportunities for you.

Real estate developers reviewing plans.


Every municipality is different, and what worked in one location may not work in another, even if the sites are only miles apart. Navigating zoning, planning, and statutory approvals can be a time-consuming undertaking. But there’s no need to worry, our team is equipped to successfully handle it on your behalf. We are skilled at taking best practices from previous projects and using that knowledge and expertise to meet unique requirements of a new development location.

Design Management

Our construction management team oversees every aspect of the development process to ensure the engineered design is executed to specification with the highest quality materials and standards.

Resource Coordination

Real estate property development brings together an array of professionals across multiple disciplines. We coordinate the consultants and other technical resources needed to ensure a successful development project that is delivered on-schedule.

Regulatory Authorities

We believe in bringing people and properties together. Relationships are at the core of what we do, and that allows us to successfully navigate the interaction with local, state and federal regulatory authorities that is necessary to bring your new property to life.

Funding & Ownership

BlueScope Properties Group has direct access to capital for property development projects. Unlike many traditional developers, we do not need outside investors to successfully put together a deal. We are a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Limited (ASX:BSL), a publicly-traded company headquartered in Australia. We have a strong balance sheet, and no special credit facilities are needed. Leveraging this unique capability can help get your project off the ground faster.

Build-To-Suit for Lease

With a build-to-suit for lease development, a building is designed to meet the specifications of an occupant. The property is leased for a predetermined length of time. Some advantages of this approach include preservation of capital for a business, tax deductions, the ability to focus on the business and not the property.

Build-To-Suit for Sale

With a build-to-suit for sale development, a building is designed to meet the specifications of an occupant. Upon completion of construction, the property is sold to the occupant, making them the owner.

When it all comes together, we build something beautiful, together.