ABF Freight

Property Overview

This 28,330-square-foot build-to-suit freight terminal facility was developed for ABF Freight in Olathe, Kansas. The new service center is estimated to bring 100 jobs to the area. Olathe is one of the fastest-growing cities in Kansas and the United States. This growth is attributed to a strong economy, affordable housing, and quality of life. The City of Olathe has a well-developed infrastructure, including a network of highways and roads that provide easy access to other parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Current Status: Complete

Property Features

  • 28,330 square feet
  • 4,000 square foot office
  • 59 dock doors and 1 roll-up door
  • 56 standard parking spaces, 2 ADA spaces
  • 3 truck parking spots, 51 PUP parking spaces

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