Seco Machine Moves into New Headquarters

Seco Machine Headquarters.

Build-to-suit property development has many advantages for organizations looking for new office space. This approach reduces overall project risk for a company, as someone else is managing the process. It also reduces the need for a company to make a large up-front capital investment, which leaves funds available to reinvest in its business. However, the […]

Marine Fasteners Plans New Headquarters

Excavation work on a construction site.

Since 1984, Marine Fasteners has supplied America’s largest boat building groups with stainless steel fasteners. Their expertise in stainless steel and the marine industry has driven expansion into new markets. To support the growth of their business, Marine Fasteners sought out a new facility for its headquarters. BlueScope Properties Group was able to meet their […]

Food Company Increases Presence in Central Florida

Goya Foods.

The population of Central Florida is growing exponentially. According to the Orlando Economic Partnership’s 2030 Report, the Orlando region will add more than 1,500 people to the area each week between now and 2030. To better serve the area’s growing population, Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, wants to expand its […]

New Year Brings New Market Development Opportunities

Construction site.

While development in large primary markets remains important, the growing need for developing warehouses and distribution centers in secondary and smaller regional markets could be a significant opportunity in 2016. We have found it is worth taking that connecting flight and driving a few extra hours to look at potential land sites; there’s no question […]

Expand Your Warehousing Without Expanding Your Budget

Warehouse interior.

The economy is on the rise and manufacturing in the United States is trending in the same direction. With increased demand, North American manufacturers are looking to expand their production, which leads to increased warehouse and distribution needs. Therefore, businesses often are faced with a tough choice: spend capital on producing assets or put it […]