Seco Machine Moves into New Headquarters

Seco Machine Headquarters.

Build-to-suit property development has many advantages for organizations looking for new office space. This approach reduces overall project risk for a company, as someone else is managing the process. It also reduces the need for a company to make a large up-front capital investment, which leaves funds available to reinvest in its business. However, the biggest benefit of build-to-suit development is that space is designed to meet the operational needs of the client.

When looking for new office space, Seco Machine in North Canton, OH, had very specific operational needs. They needed a facility designed to support the growth of multiple business units. Seco also needed a facility that could accommodate office space, manufacturing space, and warehouse space.

Thomas Seccombe, vice president and general manager, said the move gives Seco room to rearrange production into lean manufacturing cells that conserve space and increase efficiency. The move allowed Seco to add a robotic cell and a new urethane dispensing line.

Read about Seco Machine’s move into its new industrial center in this Canton Rep article.

If you are looking for new office space, let’s discuss the advantages of built-to-suit development and how BlueScope Properties Group can help.

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